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Remember to Smile...Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks while smiling.  This will prevent you from applying blush too low.

Less is More...For a more youthful and fresh look, go with a lighter application of eyeshadow.  Your eyes will look more open.

Pay a Compliment...Reinforce your beauty by recognizing someone else's!

Get loveable luscious lashes...Dust bareMinerals Foundation over your lashes.  Holding your mascara wand diagonally, fill in mascara in a zigzag fashion.

Bare Escentuals Basic Application:


Step 1 - Swirl...Starting with a small amount of minerals in the lid, angle your brush and swirl vigorously into the lid until all the minerals are absorbed into the tapers of your brush.

Step 2 - Tap...Tap brush to remove excess minerals. There should be no visible minerals on the outside of the brush.

Step 3 - Buff...Buff  bareMinerals foundation into the skin, starting on the outside of your face near your cheek bone, swirling as you go. Buff around your face then approach your forehead, buffing away frown lines. Buff, buff, buff until you are satisfied with the coverage.

Bare Escentuals How-to Makeup:

Mix bareMinerals to achieve a perfect look.Mix the foundations by lightly touching your brush to each shade, then swirl the mixture inside the lid, and apply as usual.

Be a multi-tasker with bisque multi-tasking minerals.Use bisque, our hardest working shade of bareMinerals, as a concealer, eye shadow base, highlighter, or mixer.

Skin need some oomph? Brush Warmth All-over Face Color where the sun would naturally warm your face.

Infuse your face with the look of pure glee. Apply Glee All-over Face Color where your face naturally glows when you're overflowing with pleasure and joy.

A fool proof  technique for eyes that go from understated to making a statement. To apply  your favorite bareMinerals liner shadow, start by finding the natural little groove you have between the beginning of your lashes and edge of your eye lid.  Then, take a soft line by resting the side of the liner brush there all the way across.  Make a more dramatic statement by dampening the liner brush, mixing your liner shadow into a liquid liner in the lid, and applying across the lash line as above.  Remember, a little goes a very long way.

Bare Escentuals Helpful hints:

bareMinerals glimmers... guaranteed to put a sparkle in your eye! Use a blending brush with Celestine or sass in the center of the eyelid to brighten and make your eyes twinkle.  While you're at it, dust a little on the cheekbone as a highlighter and dip buzz latte into the color to give lips a shimmer.

...for a little extra flash, use 2000 or evny with a liner brush to line your eyes.  Also, try a little true told or devotion with a contour shadow brush in the crease of your eye.  You'll be the center of attention, and the light of the night.

bareMinerals eye a contour or accent shadow: Use a contour shadow brush to apply violet sky or 1990 eye shadow to the contour of your eyelid.  To accent and uplift the corners of your eye, use a shadow brush to blend mermaid or graphite in a sideways shape pointing slightly upwards.

Great tips to create your EYE-dentity

Achieving the candlelight Escentual Face...


For skin care, try Mary Kay, they have great products for skin! Get a FREE GIFT with any $40 order! Click here for Mary Kay

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