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Why Emu Oil is fastly becoming known as "The World's Best Moisturizer"

 Do a search on google, and you will find out that Emu Oil is renown as being one of the only moisturizers able to deeply penetrate all five epidermis layers of the skin providing nutrients like (EFA) - essential fatty acids Omega-3 & Omega-6.  This is what gives Emu Oil its moisturizing, pain relieving,  and anti-inflammatory capabilities. 

Research has shown emu oil can thicken the skin, which reduces the appearance of aging.  It is a natural emollient and moisturizer which contains no steriods, hormones or harmful chemicals. 

Emu Oil is an anti-inflammatory which is great for acne and will not clog pores; Emu Oil WILL NOT cause breakouts, and actually HELPS HEAL acne-prone skin.  Emu Oil helps to thicken and replenish skin to reduce wrinkles and those signs of aging. 

Use Emu Oil as a daily moisturizer on the face by smoothing a few drops over the entire face and neck area.  It only takes a few drops on your fingertips, then rub together in your hands and rub on the face and neck, including around the eye area.  Works BEST when used with copper serum, which helps to regenerate your skin cells. 

When used as a post-exercise oil massage, emu oil brought about significant reduction in sports-related muscle strains.

Works FANTASTICALLY as a makeup remover!  Many have found removing makeup with biological healing oils such as Emu Oil to be an improvement over harsh chemical makeup removers that seem to dry out the skin. Oils such as Emu Oil can be used to remove eye makeup. Either one of these can be applied lightly to the area, rub gently removing even water-resistant makeup, then wash thoroughly with warm water. By removing eye makeup in this manner the skin is afforded the lipid replenishers that it needs.

Benefits of Emu Oil

Gives your skin a healthy, youthful glow by enhancing your skin cells

  • great for eczema, acne, psoriasis
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles by thickening the skin
  • works great to soothe sunburn - Slather emu oil on a sunburn to tan faster, and it should also PREVENT peeling altogether! 
  • works on insect bites; we had a woman say that emu oil stops the itch from chigger bites better than anything else.
  • great for sore muscles
  • heals wounds and works great if you have a cat scratch, paper cut, burns.  If you get an insect bite, this will help healing.
  • reduces scarring
  • helps hair and nails to grow quicker - rub it into your scalp to help hair growth; also helps an itchy scalp and dandruff.
  • works great on dry, cracked skin anywhere on the body.Emu Oil Seal
  • for fresh tattoos:  Apply emu oil after new artwork is cleaned to relieve discomfort and reduce inflammation and redness. Emu oil will help set colors and reduce plasma oozing. Using emu oil 2-3 times daily on clean area will help keep artwork moist and reduces or eliminates the flaking and/or scabbing that often occurs.

    100% Pure Fully Refined, Sterilized, Deodorized and Molecularly Distilled Emu Oil  

In addition to the refining processes, our Emu Oil is processed by Molecular Distillation.  This final process maintains all beneficial properties (fatty acid profiles) in tact and removes all impurities and contaminants such as heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, arsenic and other cancer-causing toxins.  This final process offers the purchaser/consumer the absolute cleanest, purest, safest and highest quality Emu oil available to today's technology. 

**NOTE: Never use during a chemical peel - It is perfectly fine to use the Emu Oil immediately after a peel. However you would not want to use it prior to rinsing off the chemical peel.  Emu oil would amplify the effects of the peel if it was applied DURING the peel application process, so be sure to wait until neutralized.  Emu Oil is a perfect soother and moisturizing healer. 

Since emu oil may contain a slight oil odor, we now have the option available to add a few drops of essential oil to your product (this will only be a very slight fragrance). If this is something that interest you, select the essential oil below that you would like.  This will be considered a special order and the essential oil will be added at the time of your order.  We do not stock our Emu Oil with scents added ahead of time.

The following photos are courtesy of Dr. Dan C. Dean. The elderly woman pictured below suffered from severe eczema on her face, and was treated with pure emu oil.

This was the woman's condition at the start of treatment with emu oil. Note: She had been previously treated for approximately eight weeks by a physician with conventional therapies (cortisone, antibiotics, IV, oral). All prior medications were discontinued.

Eczema:  Documentation of Emu Oil used for Eczema provided by Dr. Dan Dean, 28 year medical practitioner.

Eczema Photo 1 - Emu Oil Elderly woman with severe eczema.  As of this photo, she had been treated by a physician with conventional type therapy (cortisone, antibiotics, IV, oral).  All prior medications were discontinued.
Eczema Photo 2 - Emu Oil Eczema lesion after one week of pure emu oil application.
Eczema Photo 3 - Emu Oil Eczema lesion after three weeks of therapy using just pure Emu oil.

Dr. Dan C. Dean received his Doctorate of Osteopathy at Missouri's Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery. Dr. Dean has been practicing medicine for the past 28 years, and he currently practices in two clinics in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Click here to read more about how Dr. Dean uses emu oil to help his patients. And here is another article about Dean's patients using emu oil.

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